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All works available for hire or purchase from Philip, please get in touch directly here


A skilled orchestrator and arranger, Philip is happy to arrange any of his music or other pre-existing music to suit your musical forces and desired level.


Highlighted works are available for immediate purchase from 

Anchor 1

Suitable for Childrens' Choirs

for all levels 


An Imaginary Menagerie    for two--part choir & piano     2' 40" 

     (or 'The Sixth Sheikh's Sick Sheep' fun with tongue twisters) 

     Commissioned for the Christchurch Schools' Music Festival Association 2016   

Performed by the massed choir of the Christchurch Schools' Music Festival 2018


Transports of Delight >    for childrens' choir & piano   3' 15" 

     A medley of short songs with SA harmony, poems by Margaret Mahy: I. My Sister  II. The Flingamango  III. Plans Gone Wrong

     Commissioned by the Christchurch North-West Schools' Music Festival 2009      


Songs of the Wild >    for massed choir & piano     8' 

     Commissioned by the Christchurch Schools' Music Festival Association 2008

     I. Wild Bird Lullaby (Arthur Adams/Johannes Anderson) II. The Sea to the Shell (David Ross)

     III. The Wasp and the Bee (anon.)



Ravenous Uncles (and Many Thin Greedy Aunts) >  for childrens' choir & piano (or orchestra)  10' 

     Four song settings of poems by Margaret Mahy:

     I. The Man from the land of Fandango – II. Uncle James – III. Wonderful Me – IV. Tarragon Vinegar

     Commissioned by the Christchurch Schools' Music Festival Association, 2003. Funded by Trustpower




Performed by Juliet Reynolds–Midgley (singer) Malcolm McNeill (singer) and the CSO


Witches, Clowns, Promises >   for childrens' choir & piano (or orchestra)   10' 

     Five song settings of poems by Margaret Mahy:

     I. The Tin Can Band – II. Promises – III. The Pines – IV. A Witch Poem – V. Clowns

     Commissioned by the Christchurch Schools' Music Festival Association, 2000




Performed by Juliet Reynolds–Midgley (singer) Malcolm McNeill (singer) and the CSO


Thog Thaga >    a musical for children     50' 

     Commissioned by Southwell School, Hamilton for the School’s 75th Jubilee.

     Based on a school legend. Music and lyrics by Philip 


Anchor 2

Suitable for Youth Choirs

recommended for The Big Sing competition


Psalm 150 >    for SSAATTBB choir & organ with optional cymbals   3' 

     Commissioned by St Margaret's College Christchurch for its centenary celebration



A New Sky >    a song cycle for TTBB choir & piano   15'  

     Commissioned by the New Zealand Male Choir and Robert Auburn (Music Director) for the choir's 10th anniversary,

     and their 2010 European Tour.

     I. O Spirit of the Earth (Karakia, tras. G S Cooper) II. Keep Us Humble (Samuel Marsden) III. 'Tis a Silent Land (Edward Tregear)

     IV. Our Christmas (Margaret Mahy) V. Our Cities Face the Sea (David McKee Wright)



Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis >    for SATB choir & organ    6' 30" 

     Commissioned by Christ's College Chapel Choir and Robert Auburn (Music Director) with funding from Lochmaben Trust



Carol of the (New Zealand) Birds >    versions for SA or SS & piano or a capella SATB     1' 30" 

     Words by Philip Norman and trad. Czech



A Garland of Songs    for male voice choir & piano     10' 

     Three songs set to the poems of the late AK Grant and written in memory of the author.

     Commissioned by the NZ Male Voice Choir Festival Committee for the 2001 festival, with funding from Creative NZ 



Love Song >    for a capella TTBB choir     9' 

     Commissioned by the New Zealand Male Voice Choir Festival Committee, text by AK Grant.

     Funding provided by Creative New Zealand


Shipwreck >   version for male voice choir & piano with optional percussion     12' 

     Commissioned by the Nelson Male Voice Choir for the National Male Choir of New Zealand’s tour of Wales, June 2000


Excerpt performed by Fortissimo (Dilworth School, Auckland) – "The Southern Gale"


Plumsong >   for a capella SATB choir with optional brass & piano accompaniment   15' 

     Commissioned by the NZ Choral Federation and the National Youth Choir of NZ with assistance from Creative NZ.

     Text by AK Grant in the style of selected NZ poets.




Performed by the NZ Secondary Schools' Choir from their CD 'Pastime with Plums and Pizzazz'


Proud to call New Zealand Home >   a tongue-and-cheek song for barbershop quartet     3' 

     Commissioned by Garden City Sound, NZ's 1994 champion barbershop quartet for performance at the

     World Jamboree of Barbershop Quartets in Miami, Florida.



Does No-One Care?    anthem for two--part youth choir (SA + solos)  & piano     3' 

     Commissioned by St Barnabas Youth Choir for TVNZ broadcast. Words by Jennifer Murray



Hunger Songs >   for SSA choir     6' 30" 

     Commissioned by David Hamilton and Opus One, Epsom Girls, Auckland for their 1989 Finland tour. 


Performed by Opus Choir

Anchor 3

Suitable for Youth Orchestras 

for all levels


Processions    three pieces for youth orchestra      7'             

     5(pc) 1 2(1.bcl/bsn) 1(bcl/bsn) / alto sax+Eb horn(or 2 F horns) 2 0 0 /  timp, perc(3) / str

     Commissioned by Susan Melville for the ocasion of a cultural exchange to Guilin and Shanghai, China by the musicians from the

     Hawkes Bay Youth Orchestra in conjunction with the NZ China Friendship Society, April 2016.       


When Gravity Fails >    a 'mini concerto' for solo viola & orchestra      8'             

     2 2 2 2 / 4 3 3 1 / timp, perc(2) / str

     Commissioned by the Auckland Philharmonia for Bryony Gibson-Cornish (2013 APO Young Soloist of the Year)

     Based on three pieces from When Gravity Fails for viola & piano       

Performed by Bryony Gibson-Cornish (viola) and the NZSO

Philip introduces When Gravity Fails


Suite from Peter Pan >    for orchestra      19'             

     2 2 2 2 / 2 2 2 1 / timp, perc(2/3), hp/pn / str

     Commissioned for first performance by the Risingholme Orchestra, Christchurch

     with funding from Creative New Zealand    

Entr'acte & Pirates' Dance performed by Wellington Sinfonia (now Orchestra Wellington) and Kenneth Young (conductor)


Suite from A Christmas Carol     for orchestra       18'             

     2 2 2 2 / 2 2 2 1 / timp, perc(2), keyboard / str     


     Commissioned by Canterbury Philharmonia, funding from the Community Trust.   



Millennium Mambo     for concert band       5'             

     3 flutes (1 piccolo), 2 oboes, 4 clarinets (1 bass cl), 2 alto sax, 1 tenor sax, 1 baritone sax

     3 trumpets, 2 horns in F, 3 trombones, 1 tuba, 1 euphonium, 4 percussion  


     Commissioned by the New Zealand Concert Bands Association for their Millennium Festivals in Auckland and Dunedin, 2000.  



The House that Sings    for string orchestra      10'             


The Castaway Sailor >    for narrator & orchestra      24'             

     2(1.p) 2 2 2 / 4 3 2(1.btbn) 1 / timp, perc(2) / str

     Commissioned by the Christchurch Youth Orchestra and Paul Mayhew (conductor). Script by Michaelanne Forster.  

     With funding from Creative New Zealand.     


Between Rivers >    for youth orchestra      9'             

     2 2 0 0 / 0 0 0 0 / timp, perc(1) / str

     (optional additional parts for a third flute, 2 oboes, bassoon, 2 horns in F, 2 trumpets in B-flat and 2 trombones)

     Commissioned by the Hawkes Bay Youth Orchestra for its 50th Anniversary, assistance from Hawkes Bay Community Trust  


The Park >     suite for orchestra       20'             

     3 2 2 2 / 4 3 3 1 / timp, perc(2) / str     

     Commissioned by Canterbury Philharmonia Society with funding from Creative New Zealand.



Mists    for orchestra      2' 15"             

     2 2 2 2 / 2 0 0 0 / str    (winds optional)


The Ballad of Settler McGee >     a youth celebration     20'    

     for youth choir, youth orchestra, jazz orchestra, concert band, brass band, pipe band, kapa haka & rock band

     Commissioned by Concert FM for performance at the World Youth Festival Christchurch, 1990. Lyrics by Philip


Performed by the National Youth Choir, National Youth Orchestra, National Youth Concert Band, New Zealand Youth Jazz Orchestra, National Youth Pipe Band, Maori Ensemble, Rock Band from 1990


Then and Now     two pieces for jazz big band       7'                

     Commissioned by Blackburn High School (Melbourne) for its 1989 tour of the South Island.


Anchor 4

chamber & Instrumental music 

suitable for grades 4 – 8, recommended for the NZCT Chamber Music Competition 


Planxty: Peter Morgan    for solo piano     5' 30"

     Commissioned by Mary Brennan for the 70th birthday of Peter Morgan


When Gravity Fails    version for clarinet & piano    8'


Jazz Pieces    a song recycle for flute, alto sax, cello & piano    13' 


Jazz Nibbles    a song recycle for flute, alto sax, double bass & piano    12' 


Birthday Music >    three pieces for solo flute    7' 30"

     Commissioned for Hugues Roberts by his family and friends on the occasion of his 18th birthday,18 May 2010




Jazz Bites    a song recycle for flute, violin, double bass & piano    9' 



When Gravity Fails >    six pieces arranged for viola & piano    14'


Murphy's Law >    sonata for soprano sax & piano     11' 

     Commissioned by Mark Hobson    

Performed by Barry Cockcroft (sax) and Adam Pinto (piano)


Evening Romance from 'The Park Suite'    arr. for easy piano solo    2'


A Short Suite >    for saxophone quartet    10'

      Commissioned by Mark Hobson 


Bridgewater Quartet >    for flute, clarinet, violin & piano     14' 30"    

Performed by a student ensemble for the NZCT Chamber Music Competition 2007

Anchor 5

Suitable for Education / family concerts 


Snake and Lizard     for narrator and orchestra      7' 30"             

     2(1.p) 2 2 2( / 4 3 3 1 / timp, xylo, perc / str

     Commissioned by the Auckland Philharmonia for the APO 4 Kids Story time Concert March & April 2019         

Performed by Raybon Kan (narrator) and the NZSO


Animals of the Orchestra     for chamber orchestra       10'             

     2 2 2 2 / 1 1 2 0 / timp, perc(1) / str      ( + optional  tuba and trumpet II )

     A reworking of a selection from Saint–Saens 'Carnival of the Animals'.

     Devised for Resonance Ensemble Kidsfest programme, July 2015        


The Cat Who Became a Poet >    for narrator & chamber orchestra      11'             

     2 2 2 2 / 2 2 2 0 / perc(2), hp / str

     Setting of a story by Margaret Mahy. Commissioned by the CSO for a Margaret Mahy Memorial concert. 

     Funded by Creative New Zealand     

Performed by the CSO


A Lion in the Meadow >    for narrator & small orchestra      3' 30"             

     2 2 2 2 / 0 0 0 0 / timp, perc(1) / str

     Setting of the childrens' book of the same name, by Margaret Mahy.

     Commissioned by the CSO for a Margaret Mahy Memorial concert with funding from Creative New Zealand.     

Performed by Juliet Reynolds–Midgley (narrator) and the CSO

Performed by Anna Coddington (narrator) and the NZSO


The Castaway Sailor >    for narrator & orchestra      24'             

     2(1.p) 2 2 2 / 4 3 2(1.btbn) 1 / timp, perc(2) / str

     Commissioned by the Christchurch Youth Orchestra and Paul Mayhew (conductor). Script by Michaelanne Forster.  

     With funding from Creative New Zealand.     


The Juggler Overture >    for orchestra & optional juggler      5'             

     2(1.p) 2 2 3( / 4 3 3 1 / perc, hp / str

     Commissioned by the NZSO for Ron Goodwin's Summer Pops tour 1993

Performed by the NZSO and Ron Goodwin (conductor) (from 1993)

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